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Using Origami to Produce Different Shapes and Models The process of folding and transforming paper into beautiful and awesome shapes can be referred to as origami. The origin of the origami art can be traced from the Japanese culture whereby with time, the world took in and the art spread to every corner of the world. The main goal of origami is always to transform a flat sheet of paper into an amazing and attractive shape by various folding techniques. The basic origami folding techniques can be used to come up with various intricate designs with the most common one being a paper crane. A paper can be used for origami folding if it has the ability to form creases and folds. The most convenient shape for origami art has been so far found to be the square one whereby it provides the ease of folding into the desired shape. In efforts to provide ease in the color change visibility, the origami paper has a white color on one side and a colored one on the other. The ideal weight for the origami paper should be fairly less than the normal paper so that it can have the ability to hold different models and designs. In more complex models, paper clips may be essential for holding as they will act as an extra pair of fingers. Making origami shapes is not a complex task as long as you have the right instructions for the shape that you want to have. For a perfect finish of the shape you wish to have, it is important that you follow the set instructions for the specific origami shape or flower you intend to have. It is important to note that different shapes require different instructions hence some may be complex requiring quality time while others may be simple and achievable within a short time span. After you determine the shape that you want to make, it is important that you obtain the instructions before you set out on the actual making. The YouTube platform has been so far a tool for learning whereby with its tutorials, you can comfortably arrive at the desired shape with ease.
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With origami, it is evident that the fun and enjoyment doesn’t end since when one learns one type of folding, he or she will have the urge to learn other new types of origami folding.
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Paper folding is a fun and mind engaging hobby both at a personal level as well as a group level. For the young kids, it is an opportunity to socially engage as well as develop and stretch the mind. One is able to accomplish great structures by using a simple sheet of paper. The ability of creating or rather building an excellent shape from a simple sheet of paper gives you mental satisfaction

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